Ivan Adams is an Austin, Texas based artist who was born and raised in the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia. It was in the safety of the mountains that he forged a love for all kinds of music, especially gospel and jazz. This love of various styles music pushes him into creative mindsets that others dare not go. He writes everything: country, jazz, rock, funk, RnB, gospel, big band, and beyond. You name it and he'll try to write it. It is that kind of open-minded approach to a song that keeps his creativity fresh.

His love for the bass guitar is without measure and his music features an overwhelming variation of the instrument. His multi-instrumental skills allow him to feature solos from piano to bass and beyond. The cornerstone of his sound is the Yamaha ES6 and Triton LE Workstation.

His father and mother, Carl and Shirley Adams, always encouraged him to pursue his dreams and to be the absolute best, while instilling a positive Christian spirit. Although pursuing a passion for sports in his youth, his father never gave up on a musical talent recognized in him when just a small child. Ivan was always smiling and singing his own variations of songs. So, his father and mother made him take piano lessons at 12 years old and the rest is history. Ivan actually plays most of the instruments you hear in his songs.

There are many people Ivan would like to thank, specifically Reverend Donald Dykes, Sister Marie Murphy, Pastor Franklin Murphy, Pastor Alfred Hunt, Jeremy Lee, Minister Tammy Eubanks, Tyrone Adams, Sherman Hampton, Warren Lipscomb, Janet Williams, Pastor Chip Hall, Anthony Donaldson, and Lance Adams. They were always there for him and kept him going in the right direction musically. He extends love, hugs, and kisses to his wife, Donna, and sons, Bud and Lance, for their unwavering support. He is forever grateful to his business partner, who asks to remain anonymous, for finding the faith to invest in the dream, vision, and talent.

His production company, 3rd Floor Pro Recording (3rdFP), is expanding, once again, with the addition of El Annod Navi. Two dynamic vocalists, Debra Ford and Abbie Young, have been featured in prior releases. Writer/rap artist, Gerardo "Gee" Casteneda will be a refreshing change of pace in his music and the music industry. Look out for Ivan Adams' upcoming singles featuring STH and Alice. There are plans to feature some solos by young undiscovered talent in upcoming releases, especially a Dallas based violinist that is soulful beyond measure. He can't tell you about all of them, because it's a secret. LOL!

Enjoy the music and creative visions of Ivan Adams.

Anonymous BP

Personal Note:
I thank you for taking the time to listen to the music, read my story, and hopefully, buy the songs and CDs. Most of all, I thank and praise God from whom all blessings and love flows. God has always been so very good to me, and His blessing are without measure. God blessed me with friends like Andre & Wendy Tolbert; Michael & Angela Evans; John & Jane Black; The Strobles and the rest of the forever expanding Southern Comfort family. You must be special when music is written, and the song is titled after you. Much love to my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, cousins, in-laws, extended family and friends for their direct and indirect support. It is always appreciated. Alexis Rhodes is my precious goddaughter, who designed my logo and keeps redesigning what it means to love someone unconditionally.  Peace and blessings to you all. As so artfully stated above, much love and thanks to Donna, Bud, and Lance. No one knows like you know.

Finally, as my best friend, Pastor Chip, would say, "Listen to the bass player play!"

Ivan Adams


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