3 O'Clock Funk


3 O'Clock Funk is just what it says, a funky jazz mixture of rap, vocals, piano, and trumpet cooked up at 3 O'clock in the morning. The song is anchored by a funky bass line and features great drum playing. If you are a drummer, you need to hear this!

3 O'Clock Funk features my first use of the Line 6 400 pro bass amp in a recording. It is a funk monster. I played the Yamaha BB1600 bass featured on the cover and even at its advanced age, it did not fail to deliver the sound needed to anchor the blend of funky jazz piano and trumpet playing in this song. The heart of the song is the drums, where you have drum solos incorporated at various points without disturbing the musical flow. This song was written in honor of every drummer who has toiled tirelessly behind one solo after another, and its finally his or her time to shine. I have closed down many nightclubs with my wife saying its time to go, but I just got to hear the last song. The drummer is finally going to get to do his or her thing. Listen to the drummer. Listen to the drummer play!

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