Rap Jazz


This is contemporary jazz that is fun and makes you want to dance like in the days when jazz ruled the airways.

Rap Jazz pays tribute to my son, Lance. He is a trumpet player, who use to be a member of the North Carolina A&T State University Marching Band. His love for the band and rap music always fascinated me. Until he joined Aggie Pride, I found them to be polar opposites. Lance taught me to appreciate the complexities of marching in a band and marching band arrangements. I taught him the simplicities of jazz. At the heart of every song is an undeniable rhythm and feel that is unmistakable. You have to look beyond the solos and complex chord progressions to find the melody and the rhythm. Rap Jazz gives you this with a danceable beat and driving bass line that holds it all together while we debate the musical choices in our lives in a humorous way. This song features trumpet and keyboard solos and an acoustic upright bass. Hmmm!

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