Dizzy has a light, west coast jazz feel with a driving beat and features the flute. The song attempts to create an atmosphere of happiness and peace, reaching back to the fun times of my childhood days.

Dizzy is a fun song that reaches back to my youth. There was always love and laughter in our home. We would have so much fun, laughing and playing, that I would get light headed. When I look back at those times, it was too funny and all I can do is smile. The town I grew up in was a happy, safe place to be and I was blessed to be raised in such a wonderful place. This song features a beautiful flute solo that represents that time very well. The rhythm section pushes the song along at a quick pace. The trombone in the background at the end of the song pays tribute to my father, Carl D. Adams, who loved big band music, especially Count Basie and Jimmy Lunceford. I use my Ibanez Acoustic Bass and Digitech processor to create the sound and feel of an upright bass. Interesting!

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    Dizzy 4:06