It's Just God


This is contemporary gospel meets RnB and jazz with a soulful, almost funk oriented, twist that would make Kirk Franklin proud.

It's Just God is a song I wrote several years ago and I searched tirelessly to find the right voice to sing it. Along came vocalist Janet Williams and the rest is history. The song has an RnB or funk bass line and simple yet driving drum beat that's dance oriented. The bass featured in this song is the Yamaha BB1600 made famous by Nathan East. The lyrics are serious and born out of a theological debate centered around the divine rights of God as it pertains to our every day lives. Janet adds a jazzy vocal approach that is the heart and feel of the song. You can't mistake her smooth, silky sound. Our friendship has resulted in several soon to be heard musical arrangements. This is a door Janet always dreamed of opening and now, she has walked through it into a world just waiting for her arrival. Enjoy!

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